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Bodiess: hands like wings

Creative Development, Stage 3. 
Post Office Projects

September, 2023

Kirsty share's her thoughts on the aims underpinning the Stage 3 Development at POP:

"My aim for the thirst stage of development was to explore how audience members could help me build the Kinetic Wings structure around me and the wheelchair, piece by piece, bolt by bolt, until my hands are like wings and I can fly. The audience and performer make something together in a mutual space of personal introspection. 

While this work has a disabled performer in it, it isn’t solely about disability. Instead it grapples with the grief abound in the loss of independence, and finding love for who I am, in the body I have, right now.  


My body has changed significantly since 2016. I feel trapped in many ways. Visualisation is a very powerful nemonic tool to connect with muscle memory, spirit, and personal freedom in the midst of, and because of, confinement and continual loss. This is what hands like wings stirs in me. And it’s what I mean by ‘the transformative lens of memory’. The enduring metaphor of a bird evokes liberation and hope. Making the audience build my wings with me connects us and says ‘we’re all in this together’. There is no “I want my life back”. This is all we have, and it’s beautiful."


Bodiness: hands like wings Creative Development Stages 1, 2 & 3 with Kirsty Martinsen, Erwin Maas, James Dodd, Will Spartalis, Sue Grey-Gardner and Sam Roberts, supported by Arts SA, began in June 2023 and included a Free-range Residency at The Mill (June), Adhocracy,  Vitalstatistix (July) and an Work-in-progress performance at POP Gallery (September).

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