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Bodiess: hands like wings.

Creative Development, Stage 1.
The Mill

June 2023

Kirsty Martinsen undertook a Free-range Residency at The Mill’s Breakout Space. The collaborative team included with James Dodd, Erwin Maas, Will Spartalis and Sue Grey-Gardner.


Development of the work in this stage of development included the design and construction of the prototype wings for Kirsty's wheelchair and the accompanying script and lighting schedule. There was a small showing and Q&A to invited guests, providing a chance to test ideas in front of peers for feedback and to make adjustments ahead of showcasing at VitalStatistix and POP later in the year. 


Bodiness: hands like wings Creative Development Stages 1, 2 & 3 with Kirsty Martinsen, Erwin Maas, James Dodd, Will Spartalis, Sue Grey-Gardner and Sam Roberts, supported by Arts SA, began in June 2023 and included a Free-range Residency at The Mill (June), Adhocracy,  Vitalstatistix (July) and an Work-in-progress performance at POP Gallery (September).

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